Continuous Improvement

Comedy Magic & Hypnosis ShowsAs each school year comes to an end this is when I look back and reflect on my shows throughout the year. I make a point to write down some notes from my show after each performance. This allows me to look at which jokes and tricks are killing it on stage and which ones are not getting the LPM’s (laugh per minutes) that make a funny, entertaining and successful comedy magic or hypnosis show. As I go through my notes I start thinking about what I can do to improve my product (Josh McVicar Comedy Magician and Hypnotist). Many times I will be researching new effects that fit with my performance style and then decide to add that new magic trick or hypnosis skit to my show as I phase another one out.

The hot summer months in St. Louis, MO are the best time to add this new material. This is also the time of year that my traveling has slowed down allowing me to practice and rehearse until perfection. My wife often jokes that our house has been taken over by a production company during these times as our living space has props, sound equipment and video cameras all over. I should mention the more creative I become the more my creativity spills about the house. That being said it’s during those hit summer months that I have the time to really improve my magic and hypnosis shows for the upcoming school year. One thing I have learned after 15 years in the entertainment industry is that you have to continually improve and adapt to your clients needs…along with the ever changing market.