Comedy Magic Hypnosis

College Comedy & Hypnosis Shows

Josh McVicar, Comedy Magician, Entertainer, HypnotistFrom Orientation week, Fall Festivals, Spring Flings, Homecoming, Casino Nights, and Greek events to Athletic rallies, both students and faculty will appreciate the talented performances of McVicar the Trickster. The Trickster, a member of the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), performs Magic and Hypnosis to thousands of college students at universities throughout the country. The Trickster has successfully entertained some of the rowdiest crowds, as well as some of the most refined crowds. Depending on the size of the audience and the nature of the event, choose from a comedy magic or hypnosis show. Whatever the decision, McVicar the Trickster will keep the crowds spirited and the energy level at a maximum. If you are not sure that a stage performance is the best option for your event, please check out our information on Roving Magic.

“On behalf of SCC and MCCA, I’d like to thank you for putting on such a hilarious hypnosis show. The students loved it and I have heard nothing but rave reviews since. I really think the students enjoyed the interaction they had with you during dinner as well. The roving magic was fascinating and they really liked that as a former community college student, you were, “one of them” at one point in your life. Thanks again for a fabulous performance!”
Kelley Pfeiffer-Student Activities Coordinator-St Charles Community College

“Thank you so much for performing at Sam Houston State University’s Winterfest 2006. Your eye-catching magic and entertaining comedy kept our students interested for hours. Many students gave great feedback on your performance and were amazed at your abilities to “trick” them. Thank you again for visiting our campus and making Winterfest 2006 a huge success! We would love to bring you back to Sam Huston in the future!”
Angie Burns-Program Coordinator

“Thank you so much for coming to entertain Missouri State University students. You have the enthusiasm and humor that make the show a “top notch” performance. Our students enjoyed the amount of audience participation and each volunteer walked away wondering “how did he do that?” We were excited to offer this opportunity on behalf of the Festival of Nations: Celebrate the Magic.”
Tara E. Benson – Assistant Director of Student Activities-Programing

“Your performance was wonderful. It was exciting and entertaining. You kept your magic show clean but yet very funny. Our college students were very entertained the entire show. Thanks again and look forward to having you back sometime.”
Mark Stone – Director of Student Activities – Ohio Valley University

“Thank you so much for coming to our campus and performing. It was such fun to have you come and be our first magician on campus. Your show was very lively and entertaining. Hopefully we will work together in the future!”
Sam Hale – Late Night Coordinator – University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

“The students couldn’t stop laughing! They couldn’t stop talking about the comedy hypnosis act the next day! Everyone really enjoyed his performance and we wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back to campus again!”
Park University