Traveling for a Living as an Entertainer

Entertainer - Traveling for a Living - Josh McVicarLet’s talk about the glorified life of an entertainer. I get to travel for a living performing comedy Magic and Hypnosis shows for the college and corporate markets! People often comment on how “cool” it must be to stay in hotels and rack up those frequent flyer miles and eat at great local restaurants. It’s true that I get paid to travel and to make people laugh by performing comedy magic and hypnosis show and I absolutely love what I do but at times the travel gets to me. For those of you who don’t travel often or rarely travel for work it’s not as glamorous as it seems.

During my busiest times I can be gone for 10 straight days. These days are filled with airports, car rentals, hotels (if I’m lucky) and lots of coffee. I have to bring huge and heavy bags with all my magic and hypnosis props and equipment. Many days I am a couple hours away from the airport and have to drive through the night to catch an early flight to my next destination. Many of those nights I either grab a quick hotel just to shower and then get to the airport and sleep an hour or two on the airport floor (it certainly beats having to rush to the airport at 4am!). My son has actually told people on many occasions that I live and work (perform magic and hypnosis) at the airport. Many days I am exhausted and need a caffeine fix in order to keep my energy level up but I wouldn’t change it for anything.